★★★★★ Saw Austin and his mad balloon skills at my coworkers daughters 1st birthday couple years ago. Super talented, super friendly a great hit at the party. At that moment I knew I found my balloon guy for my future baby's first birthday. Now I have my baby girl who will be turning 1 this July and planning her party....I looked you up and you moved. Moved so far far away lol damn! People of NC book this guy for your party. Best money you will spend!!! Austin, can you come back to hawaii in July please just for my daughters 1st bday!!!! Lol hahaha.


★★★★★ Austin was incredible and such a professional at our family's Christmas party! He brought his own table and linen and was all ready to go before the time he was supposed to start. We've hired many balloon artists in the pasts and no one comes close to Austin! His designs were incredible and he had everyone left speechless by his unique creations! He has a great personality and was very good with the kids and adults as well. A true professional!!


★★★★★ Austin is the best balloon guy ever!!! His creations are just so unreal and so cute. Had him for my son's 1st birthday party this past Saturday and everyone loved him! Super responsive, easy going and such a nice guy! Thank you so much Austin for even making my son a mahiole to match with his ali'i themed party! Highly recommend and will definitely be seeking his services again if I'm ever in need of one for another party!


★★★★★ Austin was AWESOME! Booked him for my daughter's first birthday party and everyone loved him! He was very professional, friendly and patient with kids. He arrived before scheduled time and stayed until everyone in line got a balloon. Highly recommend won't be disappointed. Thank you Austin!!!


★★★★★ Austin is the best balloon guy for your party! From the moment he set up until the last balloon, he had a line! He's super fun and friendly AND so quick! We booked him for my son's first birthday and the kids and adults loved him! He's so fast and efficient! Even to book him we did a lot of coordinating via email and text, which was so helpful with a baby to take care of! He also takes PayPal, which I love! You must book Austin for your next event and book him for your max hours because trust me, your guests will all want a ballon!!

★★★★★ MUNRO - AUGUST 28TH, 2016

Austin was awesome for a special event we had at the Beach Villas at Ko'Olina. One of my Owner clients brought in 70+ family members from all over the country for a week vacation and they all arrived at the Beach Villas on a large your bus. We had arranged for Austin to be there for fun balloon making for kids and adults alike while family members visited and we prepared to start checking in the various groups. He has some mad balloon art skills. I asked him for something from Star Wars and he made me the coolest Yoda ever! Highly recommend!


★★★★★ Austin is so amazing! I was at a 1st birthday party tonight & he was there making balloons all night long. The line was endless & he had no break at all! While waiting for a balloon, I saw him make so many cool things (bow and arrow, Anna, Elsa, Leonardo from TMNT) that when it was my turn I had no idea what to choose. He said he would surprise me & I ended up getting Crush from Finding Nemo on a headband. When I went back for a second balloon he recommended his octopus with a spear. So cool! I would definitely suggest him to anyone looking for a balloon artist.


★★★★★ He was so good! Totally recommend him!

I found Austin by looking at Yelp for a balloon twister for my daughter's first birthday. I was really last minute and called about 2 weeks before the party, which was today (2/2//16), I called him to ask if he could do our party. 

Unfortunately he was scheduled for a party that day which started 2.5 hours after mines started but was he was amazingly gracious and worked with me to offer enough time so that he could make it to mines for almost 2 hours (it was like 1 and 45 mins so he prorated it) with adequate time to make it to his other party. I was really surprised how accommodating he was over the phone and was excited to see what he could offer at the party.

He checked up with my by texting me a few days before the party which I really appreciated. On the day of the party, he arrived about 10 minutes early to check in and set up. I couldn't decide where to put him so I moved him to different areas twice and he went with the flow with grace. He was super good with the kids, his balloon skills are amazing (I saw like light sabers, crowns, hats, animals, super heroes, ninja turtles, etc.) and I really liked that whenever he had down time he would make some balloons to store on the side in case it got crowded and kids didn't get any when he had to leave. He also stayed like 5 minutes overtime because one girl really wanted a balloon. I could tell that not only was he amazing as a professional, but he also genuinely cares about the kids and the guests (some adults got balloons too lol). 

So many people at my party were impressed with him and asked for his info. Me and my husband legit decided we want him at all our family parties from now on! Haha. We will definitely be calling him again. 

Ps I was so impressed that I actually wrote my first Yelp review for Balloons By Austin! Totally recommend and I hope this helps!


★★★★★ We love Austin.  We first met him at the spaghetti Factory about 3 years ago, where he was twisting balloons.  Our granddaughter asked for a mermaid and what he created was amazing.  We have since hired him for 2 birthday parties.  On both occasions, Austin did not disappoint!  He arrived a little early to setup, and was ready to go on time. He was a hit with the kids as well as adults.  You can tell that he really enjoys what he does and he tries to accommodate every balloon design request.  It's really amazing what he can create with balloons.  If you want a great balloon twister than choose Austin.  He's definitely worth every penny.

KATIE - JULY 19TH, 2015

★★★★★ I first met Austin at Spaghetti Factory, and was so impressed with his work! He made my son a T-Rex which was better than I could have imagined. Another time, he made my cousin's son a rocket ship which my son was jealous of! The following week we were at a birthday party and my son asked the balloon guy (from a different company) for a rocket ship. He gave my son a blank stare, said he couldn't do it, but it was all my son wanted and so he made it but it was pretty lame. Austin is very creative, up to date with kids movies and tv shows, and is patient and great with kids. Will make pretty much anything you ask for! I told my friend to hire him for his daughter's party and he was the hit of the party! One kid brought a transformer toy and asked him to make it, and it turned out awesome! He also made Kwazii the octonaut just from looking at a picture. The kids all loved their balloons but were playing kind of rough with them and I was worried the balloons would break. Lol I was more concerned with his artwork getting ruined! So Austin then proceeded to make a bunch of swords, guns, and balls for the kids to play with instead. Needless to say the kids had a blast! I will definitely hire him for my kids' parties!! Thanks Austin!

KODI - JUNE 22ND, 2015

★★★★★ He was fricken amazing. I first saw him at my friends grad party. After seeing his work I was amazed. He works by himself but he is fast and very creative. He made balloon hats into any character from pooh to a  minion. I wanted him at my party which was in 3 days. And I know it was last minute but I tried to book him for the weekend. And I got him! He said he was free the weekend and even came down to see the hall the next day. He is super friendly and smart. At the party if a group of teenagers were in line and there was a single restless kid he would make them something really fast to keep them entertained like a sword with a sword holder. He even made a ball out of balloons. He comes by himself and his car. My whole party the line was long but he worked the entire time cranking out really nice work. He was the best balloon person I have ever seen!!! I highly recommend him. He is worth every penny!!!!!

LORI - MAY 5TH, 2015

★★★★★ We all had an awesome time at my son's birthday party thanks to Austin. Everyone loved the creations he made. Thank you Austin!

JULIA - MARCH 28TH, 2015

★★★★★ We hired Austin for our wedding reception to entertain the keiki but we didn't expect him to win over the adults as well! The reception was really busy for my now husband and me but Austin made sure to make a beautiful balloon tiara for me and a funky Rastafarian hat with dreds for my groom. At one point, I looked over and saw all the kids chasing each other with their balloon bow-and-arrows, laughing and having a blast. It was everything we could ask for! I wouldn't hesitate to hire Austin for any event - keiki, adult or both!!


★★★★★ Extremely patient with children. Very generous with his time I hope he finds another restaurant good one like the Spaghetti Factory because they're going to close that location in Honolulu so thanks very much Austin for taking good care of my good friends and family friends.


★★★★★ Just really thankful for my Olaf Hat. He makes fun and creative things with balloons. And considering it was me and my friends birthday this past Sunday. He was great. Amazing.


★★★★★ He never disappoints! Always friendly and highly recommended!

BILL - JULY 26TH, 2014

★★★★★ Went to a first birthday this evening and Austin was great.

SOPHIA - MAY 4TH, 2014

★★★★★ Austin was totally awesome! I was very impressed and entertained by watching him. I couldn't believe just how fast he makes these cute and creative creations. He is so good that he doesn't even have to look at what he is doing and he's pretty much talking to you the whole time he is twisting. I definitely recommend Austin to be at your next party.

 TIFA – APRIL 30TH, 2014

★★★★★ Just hire him and see why he gets such raving reviews. Seeing is believing!


★★★★★ Austin makes amazing balloon figures and all that stuff; it's so cool to see what he can make. Every year too, haha.

SARAH – APRIL 12TH, 2014

★★★★★ Austin was a hit at my son's first birthday party. Everyone, old and young was thrilled with his creations. Great communication and planning, this guy is a Professional! Worth every penny!!


★★★★★ Very good work Austin. My kids loved you at their b-day party last year. Gonna book you again this year in August!!


★★★★★ Your work is amazing. You were very quick, and my guests loved you! Even the adults were amazed at how good you were. Definitely recommending you to family members. Thank you again!


★★★★★ Very nice and was entertaining with the kids. It was amazing to watch Austin create all kinds of things out balloons! Mahalo!


★★★★★ Our three girls loved his art! Even after we got home they were tearing through the house with their new Butterfly, Monkey and Ariel the Mermaid. Grade A stuff!


★★★★★ Love his balloons. We go to Spaghetti Factory just to see him!